ZOOMLION ZLJ5460THBLBEV 60X-6RZ—–The World’s First Pure Electric Concrete Pump

ZLJ5460THBLBEV 60X-6RZ-,About this latest 60m pure electric concrete pump, Currently, the manufacturer has no relevant information parameters, The world’s first pure electric concrete pump is here! Do you dare to be the first truck owner?

But you can see from the official pictures, The appearance is not much different from the conventional ZOOMLION concrete pump, The EV logo on the outrigger part indicates that this is a pure electric concrete pump .

The brand logo of the chassis part is highlighted in green, You can clearly see the corresponding plug-in device.

At the same time, the official calculation: pure electric driving and operation, lower energy consumption, and environmental protection, compared with traditional fuel vehicles, according to the oil price and peak and valley electricity prices, the pure electric concrete pump costs 1.57-2.46 yuan per cubic meter of concrete. The fuel concrete pump truck costs 3.83 yuan. In contrast, the pure electric concrete pump can save 1.3-2.3 yuan per cubic meter of concrete. Based on the annual average of 80,000 cubic meters, it can save 100,000 to 180,000 yuan a year and reduce the operating noise by 10%. Above, equipped with a professional plug-in device to ensure continuous long-term pumping operation. The details will be clearer when it is put into the market.
Electric vehicles as a new energy trend in the future, Not only cars, but we are also experimenting with construction machinery and equipment.
From the world’s first 25-ton electric crane previously released, And the first hybrid pump truck released by Putzmeister, What is your opinion on pure electric concrete pump trucks?

Do you think you can do the daily pumping job with it?