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Let’s Check Our Concrete pump parts clamp workshop

Concrete pump pipe clamps

We’re supplying all kinds of casting & forging pipe clamps for concrete pumps and stationary pump with affordable factory prices.
All of our pipe clamps are precision engineered to ensure safety and reliability.
Applicable brands: Putzmeister, Schwing,Alliance,Concord, KCP,Junjin,Zoomlion, Sany, Cifa etc.

Concrete pump clamps safety instructions:

• Inspect before  use.
• Working pressure marked is for new and properly secured coupling.
• The working pressure will reduce if have external mechanical loading
• Do not use snap clamps when the line may be dragged or pulled around rebar, obstructions or cables.
• Use bolted clamps when practical.

Concrete Pump Clamps/Coupling

Putzmeister DN40(1.5”),DN50(2”),DN65(2.5”),DN75(3”),DN80(3.25”),DN100(4”)
DN100(4.5”),DN125(5”),DN125(5.5”),DN150(6”) Snap Coupling
DN125 5.5” heavy snap coupling :
DN125 5.5” two bolt coupling :
DN125 5.5” four bolt coupling :
DN125 5.5” two bolt mounting coupling :
DN125 5.5” snap mounting coupling :
DN125 5.5” snap mounting screw coupling :
DN125 5.5” snap mounting coupling :(4 holes)
DN125 5.5” lever mounting coupling:
ZX125 5” bolt coupling:
ZX125 5” wedge coupling
ZX125 5” two bolt coupling
ZX150 6” bolt coupling
ZX150 6” wedge coupling
Schwing DN65 3” snap coupling
DN100 4.5”snap coupling
DN125 5.5” snap coupling
DN125 5.5” two bolt coupling
DN125 5.5” two bolt base coupling
DN125 5.5” two bolt plate coupling
MF125 5” wedge coupling
MF150 6” wedge coupling
MF180 7” wedge coupling
Sany SY 125A bolt coupling
SY 125A bolt coupling
SY H125A bolt coupling
SY SH125A two bolt coupling
SY H125A snap coupling
SY 125A bolt fixable coupling
SY 150A bolt coupling
SY 150A snap coupling
SY H150A bolt coupling
SY H50A wedge coupling
SY H175A bolt coupling
SY H175A wedge coupling
ZOOMLION ZM 125B bolt coupling
ZM 125B snap coupling
ZM 150B snap coupling
ZM 125B fixable 4 holes coupliing
ZM 125B fixable 2 holes coupling
ZM 125A bolt coupling
ZM 150A bolt coupling
ZM 180A bolt coupling
ZM 180A wedge coupling
Korea Coupling: DN125 5’’ bolt coupling
DN125 5’’ bolt MT coupling
DN125 5’’ one touch coupling
DN125 5’’ one touch MT coupling
DN125 5’’ single pipe seat
DN125 5’’ double pipe seat
Heavy duty coupling 2’’,2.5’’,3’’,4’’,5’’ HD Snap coupling
3’’ ,4’’,5’’HD Adj/Non-adj coupling
5’’ HD two coupling
Cifa Coupling 4.5’’ adjustable coupling
5.5’’ adjustable coupling
4.5’’ Non-adjustable coupling
5.5’’ Non-adjustable coupling
Australia Coupling A-2’’ Coupling 130 Bar
A-3’’ Coupling 130 Bar
A-4’’ Coupling 130 Bar
A-5’’ Coupling 130 Bar
A-6’’ Coupling 130 Bar
Raised Lever Coupling  2’’ raised lever coupling
2’’ 1/2 raised lever coupling
3’’ raised lever coupling
3’’ 1/4 raised lever coupling
4’’ raised lever coupling
4’’ 1/2 raised lever coupling
5’’ raised lever coupling
5’’ 1/2 raised lever coupling
6 ’’ raised lever coupling
6’’ 1/2 raised lever coupling
Bolt coupling series 3’’ 1/4 screw coupling
4’’ 1/2 screw coupling
5’’ 1/2 screw coupling
6’’ 1/2 screw coupling
7’’ 1/2 screw coupling
Grooved Coupling  2’’ Snap-joint coupling
2’’ 1/2 Snap-joint coupling
3’’ Snap-joint coupling
4’’ Snap-joint coupling
5’’ Snap-joint coupling
6’’ Snap-joint coupling