Three Tips for Operation of Long Boom Pump Truck

For the boom length of more than 50 meters, it can be called a “long boom pump truck”. The advantage of the long boom pump truck is that the construction range is larger, which reduces the number of pump moves during the construction process and reduces the number of pumps. Friend’s workload.
However, as the length of the boom increases, the number of boom sections and the structure of the boom will become more complicated. For pump workers, it is more difficult to operate. This is only for those who operate a pump truck with a long boom. Only pump friends can understand the difference between operating a 37-meter pump truck and operating a 56-meter pump truck, which requires a lot of experience. For the long-boom pump truck, what are the “cheats” that novices can learn from when operating?

1. Know your truck, understand the features of the long-boom pump truck
To operate a long boom pump truck proficiently, in addition to the accumulation of accumulated operating experience, you should also understand the habits of the long boom pump truck.

The long boom pump truck is characterized by a longer chassis, longer boom, and more space required after the outriggers are deployed. After the length of the chassis increases, its overall flexibility will decrease; the boom is longer, and the stability of the boom will definitely become worse when it is working; and the expansion space of the outriggers is larger, which naturally increases the requirements for the construction site. high. Therefore, the long-boom pump truck has advantages and disadvantages.

For pump friends who operate long-boom pump trucks, in addition to rich pump truck operating experience, they also need to improve their judgment on the external factors that affect the work of long-boom pump trucks. For example, after arriving at a construction site, you should be able to quickly determine which location is most suitable for supporting the pump, whether there are obstacles that affect the deployment of the boom, whether it will interfere with the tower crane operating at the same time, etc., all of which need to The pumper judged on the spot and made a quick decision.

Therefore, for some basic parameters of a long-boom pump truck, you need to keep in mind, such as the distance between the front legs and the distance between the rear legs when its legs are deployed to the extreme position. And the distance between the front leg and the rear leg, so that you can easily find the minimum space required for this car to unfold the legs. Try to ensure that the boom can reach the maximum working range, reduce the number of times the pump is moved, and also reduce your workload.

2. The chassis must be stable, and site surveys are very important
If the boom is to be more stable when it is working, it is natural to ensure that the chassis is stable. There are many accidents of boom pump trucks tipping over. The root cause is that the chassis is not stable enough. In addition to the factors of the external construction site, it is more important than the operation having reasonable specifications. It is strictly forbidden to operate the boom when the chassis legs are not fully extended or the level deviation of the chassis is too large.
From a physical point of view, as long as the center of gravity of the pump truck is located within the quadrilateral formed by the four outriggers supporting the force points, there will be no gravitational overturning moment. The pump truck manufacturer also considered many factors when designing. The counterweight of the boom is strictly calculated. As long as it is not overweight, the chassis will not overturn.
In theory, the long boom pump truck has more space after the outriggers are deployed, and the chassis should be more stable than the short-boom pump truck. However, due to the increase in the length of the boom, the offset of the center of gravity of the entire pump truck increases. Therefore, the longer the boom, the more unstable the chassis. Therefore, it is necessary for the pump worker to find the best stable working condition of the chassis. The ground supporting the pump must be solid and flat, and the outriggers must be supported on solid sleepers or pads. This is also the site survey ability of the pump worker.

3. Boom operation is not about speed, but about stability

The boom will sway from side to side when it rotates, and the impact force caused by the reversal of the concrete cylinder will cause the boom to sway up and down. Therefore, it is still very difficult to operate the boom accurately. For long-boom pump trucks, the vibration of the boom is even more difficult to control.

Although manufacturers of various brands will also improve the controllability of the boom, external force majeure, such as wind and the shaking of the hose at the end of the boom, may cause the vibration of the boom to be more uncontrollable, which requires pump workers. Precise control ability, find out the law of boom vibration, and then when controlling the remote control, the boom won’t shake violently. The real old pump worker will not be faster than you. Stability is the first element of the boom operator, and it is also more conducive to concrete pouring.

The remote control rocker that controls the boom is a proportional control of the movement of the multi-way valve spool of the boom cylinder, thereby controlling the flow of the hydraulic oil of the cylinder, and then controlling the speed of the boom extension. Use this principle reasonably to achieve the arm The frame is unfolded at a constant speed, and finally stopped slowly. During construction, the gap time of the reversing of the concrete cylinder can be used to adjust the position and rotation angle of the boom, which can also effectively prevent the boom from vibration. Therefore, the core of the pump truck boom operation is stability. It can also improve safety and reduce the plastic deformation of the boom.

Technological innovation will make the operation of the long-boom pump truck safer and simpler. However, it will inevitably be affected by various human factors. Pump friends should also continue to learn and learn from daily operations. Experience, enhance one’s own professional skills and be more comfortable when operating a long boom pump truck.