concrete wahout pan concrete wahout pan
High quality concrete washout pan containment
We are professional for produce washout pan containment with heavy duty series and pro series.
High strength steel floors and walls,hand welded with continous seams.
Differennt size of containment can meet different company demond

Concrete Washout Pan Product Parameters

Item Speciciacation Material Weight Stardard Optional
JW509614 50″X96″X14″ ,4.8mm wall and floor thickness Q345 360kg 4 lifting eyes 4-6 Forged D Rings
JW604814 60”x48”x14”, 4.8mm wall and floor thickness Q345 230kg 4 lifting eyes  4-6 Forged D Rings
JW727214L 72″X72″X14″ ,4.8mm wall and floor thickness Q345 274kg 4 lifting eyes  4-6 Forged D Rings
JW727224L 72″X72″X24″,4.8mm wall and floor thickness Q345 310kg 4 lifting eyes  4-6 Forged D Rings
JW727214H 72”x72”x14”,6.35mm wall and floor thickness Q345 350kg 4 lifting eyes  4-6 Forged D Rings
JW727224H 72″X72″X24″, 6.35mm wall and floor thickness Q345 400kg 4 lifting eyes  4-6 Forged D Rings
JW858514H 85″X85″X14″,6.35mm wall and floor thickness Q345 410kg 4 lifting eyes  4-6 Forged D Rings

We are the top concrete pump pans manufacturer since year 2010,our pans exported to USA,Australia,Canada,New zealand and European countries,also we can supply customized service according your demond,any colour and size.

Why Concrete Washout Pan:
After the concrete is poured, the equipment must be cleaned in time to prevent the remaining concrete in the truck chutes and hoppers from hardening. This cleaning process produces a toxic slurry that can be dangerous to stormwater and drainage systems if not collected properly.
The truck will deliver the required washout pan to the job site, or remove the pan off the concrete remnant, and then the truck will be used under the pump truck or concrete hopper to receive the flushed concrete washout.
If it needs to be re-installed on-site, it can be removed using forklifts and cranes.
When the washout pan is nearly full, you can contact the engineer and ask them to replace it, and the engineer will transport the remnant hopper to a recycling facility for waste disposal.

  • Advantage:
  • We are the only manufacturer of concrete washout pans in China, and our products sell well in more than 30 countries around the world
  • A concrete wash pan is available in a variety of types and sizes to keep your Jobsite clean, safe, and compliant with environmental agency standards.
  • We have over 10 years of pan manufacturing experience and a track record of use by hundreds of customers worldwide to ensure you are job site compliant.
  • Using the high-quality steel and ergonomic design, the pans are the toughest and easiest to use in the industry today.
  • Each pan has a waterproof steel construction, heavy-duty 6.35MM, and 4.8MM floor coverings, and an easy-to-use D-ring for lifting
  • The lid is available
  • We can customize production according to your needs

Customized Concrete Washout Pan
In addition to the conventional residual material pan models, we can also customize production according to customer needs. Our factory has experienced engineers and high-end equipment such as large bending machines. We have the ability to produce the washout pan for projects and site requirements.
How to customize:
1. First send the drawings of the washout pan you need to customize to our company
2. We will conduct a feasibility assessment according to your drawings, and determine the quantity, price, and share of the cost of mold opening for the initial purchase
3. Producing samples, sending them to customers for testing, and mass production after the samples are qualified.

Customized concrete washout pan material

How to buy :
1. Tell us the washout pan specification that you need in the email
2. Tell us the pan pieces that you need

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