PVC Lay Flat Hose

This hose embedded with a steel wire framework, the inner and outer pipes are transparent. Smooth and bubble-free, the fluid transportation is clear and visible.

Wall thickness: 1.3-3.2 mm
ID: 1”, 1.25”, 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”
Packing instructions: Outer woven bag, lined with film bag, lined with single corrugated round paper.
Classification: standard, medium ,heavy duty.
Application: Agricultural irrigation, Forestry Irrigation, Garden Irrigation, Firewater supply, Orchard irrigation, Industrial and mining

High quality at an affordable price:the lay-flat hose is made of PVC, has no special taste, is wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, easy to use for a long time.
Extraordinary performance: antifreeze protection, high and low-temperature resistance, resistance to starting instantaneous high pressure.
Bright colors: lightweight, good flexibility and pressure resistance bright color, elastic.
Wide range of application: the PVC Layflat hose is suitable for agricultural irrigation, forestry irrigation, construction, and other water conveyance.
Convenient splicing: the length of the hose can be spliced at will, and the length is not limited, so it is easy to move and wear-resistant.
Appearance color:  mainly red, yellow, blue, green, and purple, with beautiful and generous features. And colors can also be produced according to user needs. (Including transparent and opaque)
PVC Layflat hose Operating pressure:  1. Ordinary type withstands pressure 3–4bar, suitable for plain irrigation and water delivery; 2. Strong type withstands pressure 5–6bar, suitable for plain irrigation and water delivery; 3. High-pressure type withstands pressure 8– 10bar, suitable for high-mountain irrigation water delivery, mud pumps, etc., ultra-high pressure type withstands the pressure of 10-30bar, suitable for mining and oil fields.
Long life: our lay flat hose service life can be up to 4~6 years, low-temperature resistance, soft in winter, not hard in winter, use as usual

Use and maintenance of PVC lay flat water hose

1. Hose connection. After the hose is put on the hose interface, it must be covered with a soft protective material, and then tied tightly with galvanized iron wire or hose clamp.
2. When using a hose, connect the high-pressure hose closer to the water pump. The hose after being filled with water should be prevented from twisting or sudden bending, and the hose interface should be prevented from collision and damage.
3. Laying of water belt. When laying hoses, avoid sharp objects and various oils. When laying hoses through traffic arteries, they should be padded to protect the bridge. When passing railways, the hoses should pass under the track to prevent the hoses from being run over by wheels. Bad and intermittent water supply.
4. It must be rinsed after using feces, pesticides, acid, and alkali, which can prolong the service life.
5. When using and storing, avoid falling, bumping, and heavy pressure to prevent deformation and difficulty in assembly and folding.
6. After use, it should be stored and stored, and it is not advisable to approach the heat source directly to prevent early aging


Our company’s main products include PVC lay flat hose, PVC plastic-coated hoses (agricultural water belts), PVC fiber reinforced mesh hoses, PVC gas hose (gas pipes), PVC steel (silk) wire suction hoses, and PE water delivery belts (white dragon pipes). ), PVC transparent single tube and other various hoses. The company is committed to market research and has obtained valuable market information and customer needs. Through the improvement of manufacturing equipment, the upgrade of production technology, and the training of the company’s employees’ comprehensive quality, the products have been continuously improved, and have passed the China National Agricultural Irrigation and Drainage Equipment Quality According to the inspection conducted by the Supervision and Inspection Center and the Water-saving Irrigation Equipment Quality Inspection Center of the Ministry of Water Resources of China, the product quality complies with the industry standards promulgated by the Chinese state. In today’s market, due to the imbalance of supply and demand, disorderly competition for customers, and worsening competition in the industry, some companies do not hesitate to reduce product quality and after-sales service to blindly form price “advantages” and use this to mislead consumers. Jewinner adheres to the service concept of ‘quality first, customer first, wins the market with quality and wins customers with service. Always focus on customer interests and bring long-term brand benefits to customers.
Our company’s current manufacturing base has a total area of 5,000 square meters, 3 manufacturing workshops, 1 medium-sized warehouse, and 1 office building. Equipped with 8 sets of PVC-lay flat hose production lines, 19 sets of PE-coated hose equipment, 10 sets of water spray hose production lines, about 30 injection molding machines, raw material extruders, braiding machines, and other equipment. Improve the quality of products with perfect manufacturing technology. To better serve each customer.

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