MF HD ZX SK Concrete Pump Steel Flange
High performance
Long service life
Low maintenance
Abrasion resistant
Product description: Offered ranges of rings & flanges are made from optimum grade raw material. Flanges are widely used in different industries.

Product Parameters

TYPE Item Description
SK Collar DN100 4″, DN100 4-1/2″, DN100 5-1/2″,DN150 6″,DN150 6-1/2″
HD Collar 1.5″HD, 2″HD, 2.5″HD,3″HD,4″HD,5″HD
GR Collar DN50, 2″(OD60mm),DN65 2.5″(OD66.5mm)
ZX ZX Collar with lip ZX 125 5″, ZX 150 6″
Twin Twin Collar DN125 5-1/2″, DN125 5-1/2″
Single Collar DN50 2″,DN75 3″,DN80 3-1/4″,DN100 4″,DN100 4-1/2″
DN100 4-1/2″122mm,DN125 5″,DN125 5″-1/2″,DN150 6″
DN150 6-1/2″,DN175 7″,DN200 8″
MF Collar MF 125 5″, MF 150 6″
Name Concrete pump steel flange
Certificate ISO9001 SGS
Material 45#steel
Application Concrete pump parts