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Concrete Pump Pipe

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Concrete Pump Pipe
Made by Jewinnerparts
Material:  ST52/55Mn/65Mn/other materials
Technical: Hardened/Heat treatment
Wall Thickness: 3-10mm  Main Length:3000mm/3048mm   OD:76-140mm
Flange: SK/HD/MF/ZX/Others
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We are a leading exporter and supplier of concrete pump pipes for our clients. Our pipes are tested and manufactured as per the clients’ requirement.Customize production is also avaliable

Hot Selling Pipes Specifications

Lay Down Pipe
DN Specification Flange Material Weight
(in./mm) mm Kg
2.0″/DN50 57*3.0*3048 HD ST52 13.17
2.0″/DN50 57*3.5*3048 HD ST52 15.07
2.5″/DN63 70*3.0*3048 HD ST52 16.62
2.5″/DN63 70*3.5*3048 HD ST52 18.99
3″/DN76 82*3.0*3048 HD ST52 19.93
3″/DN76 82*3.5*3048 HD ST52 22.72
3″/DN76 82*4*3048 HD ST52 26.01
5″/DN125 133*3.0*3048 HD ST52 29.26
5″/DN125 133*3.5*3048 HD ST52 34.53
5″/DN125 133*4.0*3048 HD ST52 39.69
5″/DN125 133*4.5*3048 HD ST52 43.78
5″/DN125 133*3.0*3048 HD ST52 55.73
5″/DN125 140*3.0*3048 HD ST52 65
Concrete Pump Boom Pipe Single Wall
DN Specification Flange Material Weight
(in./mm) mm Kg
5.5″/DN125 133*4.0*3000 SK ST52 39.65
5.5″/DN125 133*4.5*3000 SK ST52 43.7
5.5″/DN125 133*5*3000 SK ST52 48.26
Concrete Pump Boom Pipe Hardened Single Wall
DN Specification Flange Material Weight
(in./mm) mm
5.5″/DN125 133*4.0*3000 SK 55/65Mn 44.4
5.5″/DN125 133*4.5*3000 SK 55/65Mn 44.7
5.5″/DN125 133*5*3000 SK 55/65Mn 50.6
Concrete Pump Boom Pipe Heat Treatment Twin  Wall
DN Specification Wall Flange Material Weight
(in./mm) mm mm KG
5.5″/DN125 133*4.5*3000 2.5+2 SK NB600+ST52 44
5.5″/DN125 133*5*3000 3+2 SK NB600+ST52 49.2
5.5″/DN125 133*5.5*3000 3+2.5 SK 65Mn+ST52 53
Concrete Pump Deck Pipe Hardened Single Wall
DN Specification Flange Material Weight
(in./mm) mm mm KG
5.5″/DN125 140*7*3000 SK NM50 70.7
5.5″/DN125 140*7.8*3000 SK 37Mn5 78.7
Concrete Pump Deck Pipe Hardened Twin  Wall
DN Specification Wall Flange Material Weight
(in./mm) mm mm KG
4″/DN100 114*7*3000 5+2 SK NB600+ST52 57.8
5.5″/DN125 140*8*3000 5+3 SK NB600+ST52 79.5

Please read below steps to choose suitable concrte pump pipe. It will get more benefit in your next pumping job.

1.Concrete Pump Pipe
Concrete pump pipe is the pipe which conveys the liquid concrete to the project site,it is the important wear parts apply for concrete pumps,concrete placing boom ,trailer pumps,and so on,generally, a concrete pump has more than 10 pieces pipes, Because the concrete pump pipes is continuously receive the impact of concrete, it has become the most wearable part of the conrete pump truck. A high quality concrete pump pipe determines the working effect of the concrete pumps.

2.Concrete pump pipe type:
1) Lay Down Pipe: this pipe is used in trailer pumps , it is commonly made of ST52 and Q235 with a thickness of 3 mm and 6.5mm for less demanding operations. This kind of pipe is not quenched and usually for short-term use,Gernerally,lay down pipe is the single pipe and most widely used concrete pump , SK ,HD,MF,ZX fangle is avalable.

2) Concrete Pump Boom Pipe:this pipe is used in concrete pump and placing boom,because the pipe afford the big pressure from the pumps,so the wall thinkness more width than the laydown pipe,meanwhile,the materals is durable than ST52, It is commonly made of 45Mn,G500M,G550M,G650M, and chrome carbide lined weld ends,it include hardened single ,twin wall and composite concrete pump pipe,the wall thinkness from 4mm to 11mm

3) Concrete Pump Deck Pipe:this pipe is used in concrete pumping,it is near to the pump truck deck and the weight is bigger than boom and laydown pipe,the material is made of NB600,N400 ,G500Mand so on,the wall thinkness from 7mm -11mm,both single wall and two is avalible,all the deck pipe should be handed by heat treatment.

3.How to Get right Concrete Pump Pipe
1)The first step is know what kind of machine do you use.
every concrete pumps should use suitable concrete pump pipe
Trailer concrete pumps are widely used for everything from shotcrete to self-levelling floor , With a delivery pressure of from 50 up to 80 bar.This machines con This equipment consumes the most pieces of concrete pump pipe,for contractor, For builders, low cost and fast installation are two basic requirements,so the 3-5mm wall thickness ,(whatever,some work sitiation requires 6-7mm wall )3000mm,3048mm,Q235 and ST52 material ,without heat treatment concrte pump pipe is the most popular.

Stationary concrete pumps for all kinds of concrete applications.Distances of more than 2000m and heights of over 600m can be reached.When this machine work ,they need higher working pressure to convey the concrete .Gerenally,this pumps delivery pressure can reach 70 to 110 bar,so the high pressure resistant and lighter concrete pump are the first choice by the contractor. Considering less abrasion,single wall,without hardened and heat trement concrete pump pipe is a good choice.for example,swchwing M/F and Putzmeister ZX concrete pump pipe is something like this,the pressure ressitant can reach 130 Bar.

Truck concrete pumps offers a range between 20m to 68m boom reach and pump performance up to190m³ per hour,so concrete pump pipe of 85 bar working pressure are enough.Whatever,lots of elbows used in this machine which increase more pipe abrasion.Mean while,if the pipe damaged suddenly while the machine is working at the job site,it will take more time and labor to replace a new pipe.Because of that,wear resistant hardened and twin wall concrete pump pipe are better choise to ensure efficiency.otherwise,for saving cost,some people still use the sighle wall pipe on their machine.

2)Get to Know Your Concrete Pump Pipes Working Situation
Working Temperature and Labor Costs
When your pumps work at very hot place,Middle East,Soth East Asia,Africa,lower price concrete pump pipe is their better choise.Because the concrete become solid fast in the pipe as the high temperature.It is diffcult to wash the concrete pump pipe.For saving time ,people in those area are often chang a new one.
Generally,European and North American customers use concrete pump pipe more often than others.Because if use single wall pipes,the change pipes frequency will increase,the labor costs will be added at the same time.high labor costs make them choose more durable twin wall pipe.

Concret Quality
Low quality concret will speed up the concrete pump pipe,secondly, Regular acid rain will also accelerate the corrosion of the pipes, sharp aggregate is also an important reason for accelerating wear.If your machine work in Hubei province,because the aggregate is tough and sharp,the concrete pump pipe serve time is the only the half of other area of China.
In this case, if you don’t want to change your tube frequently, double-layer tube is your better choice

4.Get Your Concrete Pump Pipe Cost Sheet
After understanding the above information, you will know what kind of concrete pump pipe is suitable for your machine. Then you will find that each pipes has a different configuration with different price. Below I will enumerate an optional list of the concrete pump pipe for your reference.

1) Concrete Pump Pipe Wall Thickness
Every concrete pump pipe have different wall thickness which can be used according to specific requirements. Thicker walls mean higher wear resistance, but it also means higher prices and heavier will get the most widely used wall thickness of concrete pump pipe at

2) Concrete Pump Pipe Flange Type
In order to get the right pipes for your machine,first you should confirm the fange type of your concrete pump pipe. In general, flanges are divided into these four types:HD,SK,ZX and FM.

3) Concrete Pump Pipe Paint Treatment
If you use baking paint,the pipe surface looks more beautiful and smooth,
meanwhile,the pipe hardness will increase,but the price of baking paint concrete pump pipe is more expensive around 1 USD dollar than spray paint pips

One 20’’ full container could put 200-300 pieces concrete pump pipe.According to the customer enquirement .we have the package way as below(different montherd have different price).

Make a Purchase Plan
As the most consumble parts of your concrte pump,you should keep the enough pipe s inventory in your warehouse which keep your machine working.
Its better make a purchase plane for quarter time at least.
The concrete pump pipe weight and shape is not convenient for shipping if you only order few pieces.for example,if you order one 80 USD value pipe,may be the shipping cost is more than this value.So buy more pieces at one time is necessary for saving your cost.

5. Know the Service Time of Concrete Pump Pipes
Without hardened single wall pipe less service time than hardened and twin wall pipe,it means boom pipe and deck pipe can use longer time than laydown pipe.jewinnerparts 5mm and 5.5mm hardened twin wall pipe is the most popular pipes in our products family.the pumping volume can reach 60000-80000 cubic meters.

The concrete pump pipe service life can be based on the following 2 factors for your reference
1. The calculation begin from replacing the whole set of concrete pump boom pipes, deck pipes, elbows and other configurations
2. Ensure that the grade of concrete is at least China C30 ,high Grade or with some special aggregates is not avaliable.
But in actual operation, it is difficult to achieve these two conditions at the same time. But this method is still a good way to calculate the service life of the different concrete pump pipe.

6.Get the best suitable concrete pump pipe for your next project
Through the above analysis, you should know how to choose a suitable concrete pump pipe for your pumping work. jewinnerparts has been researching in this field for more than 10 years and has an experienced technical team, which will surely provide you with affordable factory prices with high quality pipes,

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Product Parameters

Name Size Thickness(mm) Working pressure
Schwing M/F pipe DN125 3-12mm 130-200 bar
Putzmeister ZX pipe DN125 3-12mm 130-200 bar
Single wall pipe DN125 3-12mm 85 bar
Twin wall pipe DN125 3-12mm 85 bar
Name Material Size
welded concrete pump pipe Q235 DN60-DN180
seamless concrete pump pipe ST52 DN60-DN180
hardened concrete pump pipe 45Mn2/55Mn/65Mn DN60-DN180
twin wall concrete pump pipe NM600+ST52 DN60-DN180

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