Top 10 Concrete Pump Parts Companies in The World

Today let us discuss who are the top 10 concrete pump parts companies in the world.


If you don’t know what Rexroth does? Then you should have heard of the famous German Bosch industry, which is the proud son of German industry. Rexroth is a Bosch brand that focuses on providing hydraulic, electronic transmission,  and control products and services for various mechanical products around the world.

On the concrete pump truck, most of the core parts-the main oil pump are from Rexroth, and all the concrete pump trucks almost exclusively use the Rexroth brand. In addition, Rexroth also provides solenoid valves, constant pressure pumps, boom balance valves, and other products for pump trucks. In the hydraulic system, you can see a large number of Rexroth products, which directly affect the performance of the hydraulic system of the concrete pumps truck.



Japan’s Kawasaki Heavy Industries, from bicycles to trains, to ships, airplanes, and even spacecraft, Kawasaki Heavy Industries has been involved. It is one of the largest heavy industry groups in Japan, with a history of nearly 100 years of development.

Like Rexroth above, the main oil pumps, constant pressure pumps, and solenoid valves produced by Kawasaki are also widely used in concrete pump trucks. Moreover, the price is cheaper than Rexroth. Therefore, many Chinese concrete pump companies also used Kawasaki’s oil pump products in large quantities in the early days.


Parker is the world’s largest supplier of transmission control products and the world’s largest manufacturer of professional hydraulic joints and hose assemblies. Its subsidiaries include hydraulics, electromechanical transmission, pneumatics, filtration, sealing and other different sectors. They mainly serve large-scale mechanical products and have a great influence in the global market.

On the concrete pump truck, solenoid valves, gear pumps, boom pumps, cartridge valves and many other spare parts are all from Parker. In terms of technology and performance of hydraulic components, Parker has the strength to compete with Rexroth.

  1. EATON

Founded in 1911, Eaton is a century-old American brand with hundreds of thousands of employees worldwide. Eaton is mainly engaged in product research and development in the hydraulic and mechanical power fields. In addition, Eaton also has a strong technical foundation in the fuel, hydraulic and pneumatic systems required for military aerospace.

Eaton’s products used on concrete pump trucks include oil pumps, outrigger motors, solenoid valves, and so on. At the same time, Eaton’s reducers are also widely used on mixer trucks.


Brevini Italy is the world’s leading manufacturer of transmission equipment and hydraulic transmission systems. Its products are widely used in heavy trucks, port equipment, construction machinery and wind power equipment,  and other fields, and have a high reputation in the global market.

In the concrete pump truck, Brevini’s reducer is used as the power source of the slewing mechanism. Because of its relatively small size, relatively simple structure, and convenient maintenance, it is very popular among consumers.

  1. HAWE

HAWE Hydraulic Co., Ltd. was established in 1949 and is also a well-known German brand. Harvey products are characterized by an all-steel valve body structure, high-pressure resistance; compact structure, small size, no leakage, long service life, and are widely used in construction machinery, ships, hydraulic tools, and other fields.

On the concrete pump truck, the Hawe boom multi-way valve is the most commonly used, which is used to control the flow of the oil cylinder, thereby controlling the speed of the boom cylinder. At the same time, most of the balance valves that lock the boom cylinders are also made by Hawe.


Stiebel Germany was founded in 1946 and is located in  Waldbröl, Germany. Mainly engaged in the two major fields of hydraulic travel transmission and bulk material conveying transmission, and its products are widely used in various construction machineries such as concrete pump trucks, paving machines, and other equipment.

As the power source switching device of the boom pump truck chassis, the transfer case is the power source of the concrete pump truck hydraulic system. When working, it converts the rotational energy of the engine into hydraulic energy. When driving, its power is directly output to the rear axle drive wheels of the truck chassis.

  1. IFM


Founded in 1969, IFM has been committed to optimizing the technological process in the industrial field. Its products provide control technology for automation, and its products are mainly used in engineering machinery and equipment. At the same time, IFM ‘s products are also leading in the field of sensors.

On the concrete pump truck, the main products of IFM are controllers, oil temperature sensors, main cylinder proximity switches, water tank proximity switches and so on. It mainly controls the automatic pumping process of the pump truck and plays a monitoring role for the entire hydraulic system.

  1. HBC 

Germany HBC- radiometric  GmbH is a well-known brand of industrial wireless remote control system application technology. Its products are mainly used in many fields such as metallurgy, engineering machinery, automobile manufacturing, papermaking, shipbuilding, and nuclear power generation.

The boom of the concrete pump truck is generally controlled by a wireless remote control system. HBC provides a simple and easy-to-control wireless remote control technology for the concrete boom truck, even if it is the first time to connect.


Siemens was founded in 1847, it and General Electric of the United States, and became “God’s left and right hand.” Siemens built the first long-distance telegraph line in Europe, with a span of 500 kilometers from Berlin to Frankfurt. Its business mainly involves electrification, automation, and digitization. At the same time, it is also one of the most valuable brands in the world.

Previously, the programmable controller of the concrete pumping truck, which is the core control parts PLC of the pump truck, all used PLC products. The advantage is that the programming is relatively simple, and the performance and stability are relatively good. In addition, the old-fashioned trailer pump will use Siemens’ display screen.