Concrete washout containers buying guide for 2024

Size: 72″X72″X14″,4.8mm /6.35 mm


Standard: 4 lifting eyes

Optional: 4-6 Forged D Rings

What are concrete washout containers?

Concrete washout containers. After the concrete is placed at the construction site, the concrete on the mixer truck chute, the hopper of the concrete pumps, the mini dump truck, the washout pan, and the concrete spreading tools must be cleaned to prevent it from hardening. this mixture was called concrete washout is concrete and water generated during the cleaning process.
If the concrete washout water is discharged into the sewer, it will cause irreversible environmental pollution, so it needs to be transported to a special place for processing. Special containers are required for transportation. As a contractor looking for concrete washout containers, this article will introduce you to the world’s 4 most popular types of containers, allowing you to make the right choice.

How they work
 The rental company, contractors, or recycles company will deliver the concrete washout container to the construction site before you place the concrete.
 Concrete pumps and mixers will use the concrete washout basin to wash their chutes or hoppers out before they drive on the road.
 First, the container will load under the chutes or hoopers. When the concrete washout is full, use a forklift, loader, or crane to move it to the truck, and then Transport it to the concrete waste disposal facility for disposal
 After the project is finished, the related company will remove the concrete washout container,
 Our equipment will allow you to comply with EPA environmental agreements and save you time and money

Below I will introduce in detail the 4 types of concrete washout containers that are most popular on the market.


Concrete Washout Pan

The expected pan is made of 4.8mm or 6.35mm customized steel plates through bending, welding, and other processes, and will be put on the market after passing strict weighing tests. It comes with a D-ring for easy transportation. The remaining material basin has undergone rigorous weight testing experiments to ensure that the construction is complete.
 Advantage: strong and sturdy, Large load capacity
 Shortcomings: expensive, Inconvenient to move
 Handing Equipment required: Forklifts, cranes
 Applicable companies: leasing companies
 Common specifications: 72”x72”x14”, 72”x72”x24”, 84″X84″X14″, 50″X96″X14″, 60”x48”x14”
 Major manufacturers: JEWINNER Concrete Washout Pan, ECO-PAN


Concrete Washout Bag

Concrete washout bags are made of high-strength PP material with waterproof lining. They come in various styles, are portable, and can be used in a variety of work scenarios, They can be placed under pump trucks, mixer trucks and trailer pumps
 Advantage: Easy to carry and transport, Many types, suitable for various working conditions
 shortcoming: Cannot be reused multiple times, consumption faster
 Equipment required: Forklifts,
 Applicable companies: contractor, concrete pumping company
 Common specifications: 42”x72”x16”, 43”x43”x19”, 20’’×20’’×19”
 Major manufacturers: JEWINNER, Alliance

2024 Top Concrete Washout Bag

Plastic Washout Pan

The plastic washout pan is designed for trailer pumps, mixer truckers, and priming, It weighs only 60 pounds and can be easily used under the tow pump. It can also be carried out manually for construction in some narrow construction sites.
 advantage: Lightweight, suitable for narrow working conditions, Lower cost than iron basin, Can be reused
 The disadvantage: it is not as strong as the iron basin and is more expensive than a washout bag
 Equipment required: Forklifts,
 Applicable companies: contractor, concrete pumping company
 Common specifications: 42”x72”x16”, 43”x43”x19”, 20’’×20’’×19”
 Major manufacturers: Concrete Pumping Accessories

Plastic Concrete Washout PAN