Putzmeister ZX Concrete Delivery Pipe Putzmeister ZX Concrete Delivery Pipe
Putzmeister ZX high pressure pipe Putzmeister ZX high pressure pipe

Putzmeister ZX Concrete Delivery Pipe is a pipeline for conveying concrete under high pressure, so it must be absolutely leak-proof, stable and wear-resistant, its ZXV and ZXM flange design can do this well.

Parts Number Model Spe Material  Weight KG
JWZX0001 5″ZX125 140×5×3000mm ST52 50.9
JWZX0002 5″ZX125 140×5.5×3000mm ST52 55.73
JWZX0003 5″ZX125 140×6×3000mm ST52 60.43
JWZX0004 5″ZX125 140×7.1×3000mm ST52 70.82
JWZX0005 5″ZX125 140×6.5×3000mm ST52 65.2
JWZX0006 5″ZX125 140×9.1×3000mm ST52 88.23
JWZX0007 5″ZX125 140×10.7×3000mm ST52 103.45
JWZX0008 5″ZX125 140×12.7×3000mm ST52 120.6
JWZX0009 5″ZX125 140×5×3000mm Q345 49.94
JWZX0010 5″ZX125 140×5.5×3000mm Q345 54.7
JWZX0011 6”ZX150 168×8×3000mm ST52 95.69
JWZX0012 6”ZX150 168×9.7×3000mm Heat treated 114.6
JWZX0013 6”ZX150 168×10.7×3000mm Heat treated 127.76
JWZX0014 6”ZX150 168×12×3000mm Heat treated 138.49
Construction Tunneling and mining Industry
Stationary concrete pump
High and long-distance delivery
Concrete transport
Long-distance delivery
De-watering of mines
The sewage treatment plant,
The nuclear power plant,
Waste recycling, water sludge
removal and others
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