Concrete Pump Clamps

The concrete pump clamps also called concrete pump pipe clamp, it is the spare parts that connect and fasten concrete pump boom pipe and rubber hoses. Concrete pump clamps are always used together with the gasket.
We’re supplying all kinds of casted & forging pipe clamps for concrete pumps, stationary pumps, and shotcrete at affordable factory prices.

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Casting and forged concret pump clamps

According to the producting process, the concrete pump clamps has two types: casting and forged, Most of the concrete pump pipe clamp on the market are forged, of course, some customers prefer to casting pipe clamps.

How many clamps/ couples in a concrete pump?

Every concrete pump and shotcrete has 20-30 pieces clamps couples,it is the kind of wear pats,so it will spend lots of cost of you.

Best of concrete pump clamps

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9. We offer range of concrete pump clamps and hose clmaps ,applicable brands: Putzmeister, Schwing,Alliance,Concord,KCP,Junjin,Zoomlion, Sany, Cifa ,Sermac,XCMG,etc.

Snap couplings or other quick connecting types
are used for deck pours. Bolt couplings are more suitable for semi – permanent installations such as vertical standpipes. Both snap and bolt-type couplings are available in concrete pump. Snap-type is more convenice to assembe and dis-assemble. They are usually used on connecting deck pipe and elbow.Bolt-type couplings generally cost less than the snap-type, which used on ver-tical standpipes or similar semi-permanent applications of pumping systems .Bolt couplings usually have higher pressure ratings than snap couplings. Before you purchase the clamps from the manufacturer, the pressure ratings should be checked to ensure compatibility with the pressure created during each pumping application.

Some tips when you use concrete pump pipe clamp:
• Inspect before use.
• Working pressure marked is for new and properly secured coupling.
• The working pressure will reduce if have external mechanical loading
• Do not use snap clamps when the line may be dragged or pulled around rebar, obstructions or cables.
• Use bolted clamps when practical.

We have all kinds of concrete pumps pipe and hose clamps,please,you will save thousands of dollars on your next job

Putzmeister clamps DN40(1.5”),DN50(2”),DN65(2.5”),DN75(3”),DN80(3.25”),DN100(4”)
DN100(4.5”),DN125(5”),DN125(5.5”),DN150(6”) Snap Clamps 
DN125 5.5” heavy snap clamps  
DN125 5.5” two bolt clamps 
DN125 5.5” four bolt clamps 
DN125 5.5” two bolt mounting clamps 
DN125 5.5” snap mounting coupling 
DN125 5.5” snap mounting screw coupling 
DN125 5.5” snap mounting clamps :(4 holes)
DN125 5.5” lever mounting clamps
ZX125 5” bolt clamps
ZX125 5” wedge clamps
ZX125 5” two bolt clamps
ZX150 6” bolt coupling clamps
ZX150 6” wedge coupling clamps
Schwing clamps DN65 3” snap clamp coupling
DN100 4.5”snap clamp coupling
DN125 5.5”clamp coupling
DN125 5.5” two bolt clamps
DN125 5.5” two bolt base clamps
DN125 5.5” two bolt plate clamps
MF125 5” wedge clamps
MF150 6” wedge clamps
MF180 7” wedge clamps
Sany SY 125A bolt clamp coupling
SY 125A bolt clamp coupling
SY H125A bolt clamp coupling
SY SH125A two bolt clamp coupling
SY H125A snap clamp coupling
SY 125A bolt fixable clamp coupling
SY 150A bolt clamp coupling
SY 150A snap clamp coupling
SY H150A bolt clamp coupling
SY H50A wedge clamp coupling
SY H175A bolt clamp coupling
SY H175A clamp coupling
ZOOMLION pipe clamps ZM 125B bolt pipe clamps
ZM 125B snap pipe clamps
ZM 150B snap pipe clamps
ZM 125B fixable 4 pipe clamps
ZM 125B fixable 2 pipe clamps
ZM 125A bolt pipe clamps
ZM 150A bolt pipe clamps
ZM 180A bolt pipe clamps
ZM 180A wedge pipe clamps
Korea Clamps: DN125 5’’ bolt clamps
DN125 5’’ bolt MT clamps
DN125 5’’ one touch clamps
DN125 5’’ one touch MT clamps
DN125 5’’ single pipe seat
DN125 5’’ double pipe seat
Heavy duty clamps 2’’,2.5’’,3’’,4’’,5’’ HD Snap coupling
3’’ ,4’’,5’’HD Adj/Non-adj coupling
5’’ HD two coupling
Cifa Clamps 4.5’’ adjustable coupling
5.5’’ adjustable coupling
4.5’’ Non-adjustable coupling
5.5’’ Non-adjustable coupling
Australia Clamps A-2’’ Clamps 130 Bar
A-3’’ Clamps 130 Bar
A-4’’ Clamps 130 Bar
A-5’’ Clamps 130 Bar
A-6’’ Clamps 130 Bar
Raised Lever Clamps 2’’ raised lever coupling
2’’ 1/2 raised lever coupling
3’’ raised lever coupling
3’’ 1/4 raised lever coupling
4’’ raised lever coupling
4’’ 1/2 raised lever coupling
5’’ raised lever coupling
5’’ 1/2 raised lever coupling
6 ’’ raised lever coupling
6’’ 1/2 raised lever coupling
Bolt clamps series 3’’ 1/4 screw concrete pump pipe clamp
4’’ 1/2 screw concrete pump pipe clamp
5’’ 1/2 screw concrete pump pipe clamp
6’’ 1/2 screw concrete pump pipe clamp
7’’ 1/2 screw concrete pump pipe clamp
Grooved Clamps 2’’ Snap-joint concrete pump clamps
2’’ 1/2 Snap-joint concrete pump clamps
3’’ Snap-joint concrete pump clamps
4’’ Snap-joint concrete pump clamps
5’’ Snap-joint concrete pump clamps
6’’ Snap-joint concrete pump clamps

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