Top 12 Concrete Pump Companies In The World 2023

A concrete pump is very important for every construction company that does the concrete placement business. How to choose a concrete pump company becomes an important factor in your next project. In our guide, you will have 15 good concrete pump companies to choose from in the world.
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1. Putzmeister 
Built-in the year 1958, Putzmeister is one of the most trusted names in concrete pump companies. They develop, produce and sell high-quality concrete pumps for placing concrete. They are committed to being close to the customer’s business to serve their customer.
Constantly innovating according to the market and customer needs, and providing customers with long-term solutions is Putzmeister’s long-term purpose. Their team is responsible for ensuring that customers can get value-for-money services at any time and anywhere.
Putzmeister is not only a concrete pump company but a long-term partner of customers. their performance on the most demanding and difficult projects in the world proves their performance. They will help customers understand the machine and learn and practice on-site, whether it is a small-scale construction or a large-scale task, or a unique equipment manufacturing requirement.
The long-term value makes Putzmeister become one of the first concrete pump companies to obtain ISO9001/2000 certification.
Putzmeister has spent decades from a humble small company to a world-renowned concrete pump company. This is a long and meaningful process. The original intention of Putzmeister was to make work easier for workers, but now it is a global organization with a market value of more than US$1 billion, Putzmeister’s products are respected for their durability, service quality, and pioneering technology in the concrete industry.

2. Schwing
Schwing concrete pump company’s headquarters is in Herne, Germany, and it has 1,500 employees around the world. Since its establishment 45 years ago, it has been committed to the development and sales of high-quality concrete production equipment and placement equipment.
Schwing’s factory in the United States uses the latest welding technology to manufacture products and stocks a large number of parts.
Schwing’s main products include concrete pump trucks, line pumps, trailer pumps, mixing stations, and mixer trucks, it is the most complete concrete pump equipment company in the world. In every corner of the earth, as long as you find that the world is changing; as long as you find a place to make mobile concrete, you will find Schwing. In the Schwing team, many employees have worked for more than 10 years, they provide customers with high-quality products and services.

3. Sany 
Sany is the world’s largest concrete pump equipment manufacturing company. Founded in 1989, the main business is the equipment manufacturing industry with the theme of “engineering”.Sany has lots of products: excavator, concrete pump, crane, port machinery, road machine, truck,and so on. So far as now, Sany concrete pump company machinery ranks first in the world, and its large-tonnage cranes, crawler cranes, piling machine, tunneling machinery, and port machinery rank first in China.
In China, Sany has three research centers in Changsha, Beijing, and the Yangtze River Delta, overseas,with business coverage in More than 150 countries and regions around the world. Sany concrete pump company has participated in many important projects, such as Burj Khalifa, Beijing Olympic venues, London Olympic venues, Brazil World Cup venues, Shanghai Center, Hong Kong World Financial Center, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Daxing International Airport.

4. Zoomlion 
In 1972, the previous name of Zoomlion, Chang Sha Heavy Duty Machinery Research Department, jointly developed and produced China’s first mechanical concrete pump with Shenyang Vibrator Factory. The advent of this product opened the prelude to China’s independent research and development of concrete machinery and equipment and established Zoomlion’s position as a pioneer in the industry. In 2008, Zoomlion acquired CIFA, Italy, and became the world’s largest concrete pump company at that time.

More than 30 years of development, Zoomlion’s concrete machinery products including concrete mixing plants, concrete mixer trucks, concrete pumping, concrete distributors, complete sets of dry-mixed mortar equipment, and complete sets of machine-made sand equipment. , Wet spraying machine and other 9 categories of products, more than 100 varieties.

As a leading China concrete pump company, a company with strong scientific research team support, and a concrete machinery national industrial product eco-design pilot enterprise, Zoomlion continues to lead the development of pump truck technology: launched in 2012 The world’s longest 101-meter carbon fiber boom pump truck has obtained the Guinness World Records certification, and its pouring height can reach more than 100 meters, covering an area of 20,000 square meters; one of Zoomlion’s 4.0 products-56 meters, The high-precision and high-efficiency pump truck won the first “Hunan Product Innovation Award” in 2017, and showed its talents in the 2017 Zhurihe Military Parade. Its market share is the world leader among similar products. It is a smart, market, and Innovative product with many honors such as brand. In the year 2019, ZOOMLION touch sky series concrete pumping was launched, meanwhile, the hollow boom-compliant pump truck was born.

Since the company implemented the “Product 4.0” strategy, concrete machinery products have taken “modular platform + intelligent products” as the core, and have launched a full range of efficient and intelligent 4.0 products.

5. Cifa 
Cifa is headquartered in Italy, with branches in Germany, France, and China. As one of the strongest concrete pump companies in Europe, they can be delivering and produce a full range of types of equipment for concrete production, transportation, and places. Cifa was founded in 1928 and has a brilliant future. As a pioneer in the industry, he invented the mixer truck and obtained the first carbon fiber boom patent in 2010. The first hybrid mixer truck in 2013 laid the foundation for the next few years to become a true hybrid series. As a world-leading company, Cifa has sold more than 60,000 mixer trucks and pump trucks worldwide. Zoomlion acquired Cifa in 2008. This transaction has brought a lot of capital to CIFA, enabling it to produce products that continue to meet market demand.

Junjin concrete pump company was established in 1994. Through independent research and development, a series of concrete pump trucks with a relatively high height ranging from 25 meters to 70 meters. It is the largest sales volume of concrete pump truck companies in the Korean market, and Chunjin pump trucks are known for their excellent safety, performance, and technical level have been affirmed and recognized in various regions of the world.
Korea Junjin Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. established a branch in Tianjin Binhai New Area, China in March 2005. The company has a registered capital of 6.1 million US dollars. It is a well-known Korean brand of concrete machinery manufacturing company. Truck products enjoy a high reputation in the world concrete pump market, and concrete pump products are sold in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.
By 2020, Quanjin’s product line has 75 models, exported to more than 60 countries around the world.

7. KCP
KCP heavy industry company was eastablished in the year 2002, Their annual production capacity can reach 1000 units, they have 6 advantages compared with other concrete pump companies:
Features: KCP concrete pumps line up – 17M to 69M, X Outrigger -,higher fuel efficiency – save up to 21 % by its lightweight with simple structure.
Operation: Z boom makes it easy to operate under limited space conditions, Open Loop hydraulic system.
Spare Parts: Compatible with PM and most the pump makers, Best quality spare parts with competitive price
Maintenance: Easy maintenance due to simple hydraulic lines
Delivery: Less than a month lead-time for the most popular models, such as 18M, 35M, 38M, 40M, 42M, 48M, 52M, 55M, 60M.

8. Everdigm 
Everdigm produces a full range of construction machinery products such as concrete pumps. tower cranes, fire trucks, and special military vehicles. It is the only company in Korea that can meet all construction machinery manufacturing. Evedding has 526 employees, of which 80 are R&D personnel. In the past 10 years, Everdigm’s research and development expenses have increased by 30%, which has continuously strengthened the competitiveness of its products in the market. Everdigm has focused its concrete pump truck overseas markets on North America and Australia and established a North American branch in 2015. Provide concrete pumping services for the North American market, and its product chain covers pump trucks, trailer pumps, and line pumps from 20 meters to 64 meters, becoming one of the most competitive concrete pump companies in the North American market.

9. Sermac
Sermac was established in Milan, Italy in 1989. It mainly produces concrete pump trucks and mixer trucks. After more than 30 years of development, it has become the world’s leading concrete pump truck company. Cooperating with SERMAC means that you have high-quality concrete pump truck equipment with long service life, sturdy and durable parts, and low maintenance costs. After you have used it for 5-10 years, you still have a high-quality guarantee. Rate. Sermac has a professional team to choose the most suitable equipment for customers, and skilled after-sales personnel will solve various problems encountered by customers for the first time.
In 2021, SERMAC launched its new pump truck, 6RZ60. The boom system of this pump truck uses high-strength S900 steel as raw material. The weight and performance of the entire pump truck reach a good ratio, and the total weight of the entire truck is only 45.5 tons.

10. Alliance 
Alliance was established in Canada in 2002 and has been winning the market by providing customers with unparalleled customer and parts support. As a joint venture of Junjin in South Korea, it has quickly become the leading concrete pump truck company in the North American market. In 2006, it began to expand its business in North America. In 2008, due to the severe economic crisis, Alliance was able to overcome the crisis by expanding parts sales. The parts they provided are suitable for all brand pump trucks. Now Alliance has more than 3,800 square feet of parts warehouse, and 6 workshops for finishing pumps.
Considering the complexity of pump truck maintenance, Alliance usually uses a simple and easy-to-operate design to facilitate maintenance.

11. Concord 
In 2003, Concord launched the first 3-axis 40-meter concrete boom pump. In 2006, the worldâ€TMs first 65-meter pump truck was introduced to the market. The main pump of this pump truck is now running…
Concord has three different factories in South Korea, Canada, and Australia. The South Korean factory is used for the production of concrete pump products, which are then shipped to Canada for testing in order to provide the best concrete pumping solution for the North American market.
Concord’s concrete pump has easily operated for more than ten years under harsh working conditions. Due to their good performance, pump trucks still have a high residual value in the used car market.

12. Liebherr 
Liebherr‘s concrete pump trucks are typical representatives of German manufacturing. Their boom-mounted pump trucks and fixed pump trucks have been widely acclaimed. More than 60 years of production experience has determined Liebherr’s status as a world-renowned concrete pump manufacturer. Liebherr’s arms The length of the rack pump can reach more than 50 meters. The fixed pump can be divided into a trailer pump and a crawler pump. Their accessories are provided by well-known brands. Before the pump truck leaves the factory, a large number of product tests will be carried out to ensure that the machine can be used for longer Long life, Liebherr’s pump trucks are designed with minimalist design to ensure that machine maintenance can be more convenient and faster. In the long run, it is a wise choice to invest in Liebherr pump trucks for your engineering projects.


With this list of 12 concrete pump companies, you should soon know which pump truck is most suitable for your current project. Are you using one of the concrete pump truck companies’ products?
No matter what kind of pumps you use, jewinnerparts will provide you with reliable and durable accessories to ensure the completion of your next pumping project.