Top 10 Shotcrete Machine Manufacturers in the World 2023

If you are a construction company of swimming pool builder, tunnel, bridge construction, exterior wall, Infrastructure, Rehabilitation & Repair, mining, or various construction companies that need to use shotcrete machines, the following articles will recommend you the top 10 most famous concrete shotcrete equipment manufacturers in the world, main models with corresponding application fields hoping it is useful for you.

Top-10-Shotcrete-Machine Manufacturers in the World 2023

1. Putzmeister– Germany
Yes, you read this right, besides being the leader in concrete pump truck manufacturing, he is also the leader in concrete sprayer machines. It is worth mentioning that Putzemeister’s shotcrete robots have played an important role in the Lisbon Metro project in Portugal, which will start construction in 2021. In this project, 2 PM500PC and 2 PM702E have been used
Their range of main concrete shotcrete equipment includes:

Model Application
Wetkret 4 Underground mining
Wetkret 5 Large tunnel sections
P 13 Job-site mixes or exterior and interior plasters in bags, for filling micro piles in tunneling construction sites.
SPM 500 Wetkret Tunneling Projects
SPM 4210 Wetkret Small and medium tunnels and galleries

2. Normet-Finland

Normet is a supplier of mining and tunnel construction equipment. The headquarter is located in Finland. Through 60 years of development, it has shipped more than 14,000 pieces of equipment to the world. The company has more than 1,600 business and mechanical experts and has set up a branch in China. The 2022 year, They bought the company Aliva Equipment company and expands its product line in the field of shotcrete for small tunnels. Below is their main model:

Model Application
Spraymec 8100 VC: Concrete spraying in tunnel projects with variable tunnel cross-sections.
Spraymec SF 050 D Modern mining operations in small and medium size tunnels.
Alpha 1430 PC Tunnel profiles up to 14 m in height and 24 meters in width.
Spraymec SF 050 D Modern mining operations in small and medium size tunnels.
Normet Aliva-520 Small to medium-sized tunnels or galleries in mines.

3. CIFA-Italy

37 years ago, CIFA developed the world’s first wet concrete shotcrete machine, and now its models can cover almost all industries in tunnel and coal mine construction. The machine is safe and reliable, it can adapt to various harsh working conditions. Cifa’s shotcrete equipment inherits the characteristics of Italian manufacturing, full of beauty and excellent performance, and their models are named after animals to highlight their characteristics,

Model Application
MAMBA Large tunnels
CST 8.20 Mining and for small tunnels.
Dingo Mining and mini tunnels.
RHINO Tight job sites

4. Reed-USA

Reed is the pioneer of concrete spraying equipment. Its founder, Frank Reed, founded the company in 1957. Now he has become a super company with a product chain covering pump trucks, trailer pumps, and shotcrete machines, all over the world. Reed equipment can be seen on the construction site

The main models of cement spraying it now produces are as follows:

Model Application
A Series Tunnel and mine support, casting concrete for tunnels, residential concrete flatwork
C Series Tunnel construction, structural wall construction, parking garage construction

5. Gengli –China

Gengli is a Chinese manufacturer of shotcrete equipment. They offer a range of products, including dry and wet spray machines, shotcrete try equipment, and robotic spraying systems, their hot sale models include: GYP90D, PZ-7D, GPH20G, GPH3015E, GHP20A, Located in China, it is leading supplier of concrete shotcrete machine equipment manufacturing, supplying a full range of this product,

Model Application
GHP3015E Medium-sized tunnels
GHP3515T Cross-section tunnels
SPB9-T Highways, railways, tunnels, hydropower stations, and other projects.

6. Tünelmak-Turkey

It is a company established in Istanbul, Turkey, with 30 years of experience in the mining industry, and spends a lot of budgets each year on innovation in concrete shotcrete equipment, their main equipment includes concrete shotcrete equipment for tunnels and coal mines.

Model Application
Adroit 450 G Railway, slope excavations, soil, and dam construction
Adroit 450 H/W Tunnels, mines, chamfers on highways, swimming pools, seismic retrofits, and coves.
Adroit 420 H/W Narrow profile tunnels, mines, slopes on highways, ridges and high slopes, construction and ground applications, swimming pools, earthquake reinforcement works, and concrete coating of all kinds of pits.
T230 E/G – 250 E/G Tunnels, mines, slopes on highways, ridges and high-hill slopes, construction applications,
120E Swimming pools and concrete pavement of all kinds of pits.

7. FILAMOS-Czech Republic

It is a company that focuses on specific construction and mining machinery. His products cover the whole of Europe, and its positioning is mainly small and medium-sized wet shotcrete spraying equipment,

Model Application
55b02 Underground construction
55b05 Secondary lining in reprofiling-driven tunnels and collectors.
Ssb14/24 Tunnels’ underground slit walls by means of the Milan method.

8. Gunite Supply & Equipment – USA

Since the year 1947, Gunite Supply & Equipment focuses on dry-mix shotcrete equipment. Their machines can both suitable for small and large projects, except for the whole machine, they also can supply some parts like nozzles and hoses. Its shotcrete machine model includes C10HHD and C10SL. The company was established in the United States in 1946. It is a leader in small equipment for dry spraying and wet spraying concrete. Their main fields involve bridges, tunnels, swimming pools, etc., and their sales model is mainly direct sales.

Model Application
C10HHD Gunite pool construction and concrete repairs
C10SL Concrete repairs, concrete sprayer contractors

9. Blastcrete-USA

Blastcrete is located in Anniston, AL, USA, since the year 1950, -they begin to produce concrete pumping and spraying equipment. Its main market is North America and models including MX-20MT, RS60, MX-10,

Model Application
MX-10 Mixer-Pump Cement plants, Power generation, Aggregate concrete mixes,
X-20 Refractory/Shotcrete Pump Precision high-pressure grouting, Faux rock construction
D3522 Concrete Pump Wet shotcrete, Block fill, Concrete repair
RD6536 Skid Steer Concrete Pump Cellular concrete, Faux rock construction, Insulated concrete forms
AA 020 Genuine Piccola Gunite Machine Concrete bridge repair, Swimming pool construction, Concrete repair, Soil stabilizations, Structural concrete insulated panels

10. Titan -Turkey

Titan is headquartered in Turkey and has 25 years of experience in manufacturing tunnel equipment and coal mine equipment. Its product lines include concrete shotcrete machines, dump trucks, mixer trucks, scissor lifts, etc. Itan equipment is mainly used in underground mines and civil Mine and dam construction, their products have superior gearbox systems, widely used in the Middle East, Australia, South America, Eastern Europe, and Africa.

Model Application
Titan IS21  small and medium-sized tunnels.
Titan IS26 medium and large sized tunnels

After choosing a good shotcrete machine, the maintenance of the machine is also very important. Good accessories determine that your machine can have a longer service life. Generally speaking, your concrete spraying equipment needs to be equipped with certain parts inventory, such as pipe clamps, conveying tubes, rubber hose, etc., Jewinner is an expert in this field, and can solve your needs in one stop.

Shotcrete machine parts

Final Word:
Having a shotcrete machine with powerful performance, high efficiency, safety, and reasonable price is an indispensable choice in your concrete spraying construction process. Whether it is wet spraying or dry spraying construction, remember to choose the one you use according to the specific working conditions. Machine, and prepare enough accessories, I believe your efficiency will be greatly improved and bring huge benefits to the company.

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