Terex NHL Truck Parts for Mining Trucks
Terex NHL Mining Trucks are dump trucks that load coal mines and sand in off-highway field sites, such as large open-pit mines and water conservancy projects.
The characteristics of mine dump trucks are large tonnage, low consumption, high technical content, and high price.

What parts do we supply for the Terex truck model :
1. TEREX NHL dump truck parts for TR35, TR50, TR60, and TR100
2. TEREX dump truck for 3305,3307,3309,3311,33100,TR45,TR60,TR100, TA25, TA30, TA40
3. NHL parts for 3303,3304,3305,3307,3311,33100,TR35,TR50,TR60,TR100.

Why us:
1. 300 workers, 25000 m² workshops, 10 years experience, 5 years vendor of leading player, 3 hours reach port, this is how we keep good quality and competitive prices for global valued customers.
2. 90% Shipment in one week
3 . We will help our customers save 40%-70% on costs with high-quality Terex parts.

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