Putzmeister First Hybrid Concrete Pump Truck in the World-iONTRON

hybrid pump truck in the world

In the traditional engineering machinery field, diesel engines are mainly used as power sources, and the pollution of diesel to the environment is obvious. Therefore, in the face of the deteriorating ecological environment, it has become everyone’s consensus to develop alternative new energy sources. Compared with the mature hybrid technology in the passenger car field, the hybrid technology in the construction machinery field is still at the initial stage. Many concrete pump truck manufacturers have also made a lot of attempts, including the use of cleaner natural gas as fuel, and the development of Zero-row batteries. Pure electric system.
As a well-known brand in the field of concrete pump machinery, Putzmeister made a bold attempt and developed the world’s first “hybrid” iONTRON concrete pump truck at the beginning of this year, and it has been delivered to customers. As we all know, the main power source of the traditional concrete pump is the chassis engine, which is also a heavy-duty diesel engine. The driving of the chassis and the hydraulic system on the top are inseparable from this engine. Therefore, I have a keen interest in Putzmeister’s hybrid concrete pump truck.

Putzmeisters first hybrid pump truck in the world

Putzmeister’s official evaluation of this new product is “the most environmentally friendly, quietest, and lowest operating cost concrete pump truck”, which can solve the pollution problem and reduce costs. This is the real “weapon” for making money. First of all, from the appearance point of view, this hybrid boom truck is not much different from the traditional concrete pumps. It is still composed of a heavy-duty truck chassis and top parts. From the appearance alone, there is no difference.

According to Putzmeister’s official introduction, this car adopts a highly integrated design of electric motors and pumps in its design. The pumping system no longer relies on the engine of the chassis to provide power. The integrated design of the pure electric hydraulic power system is just this. The highlight of the trolley. You might say, isn’t this just an electric trailer pump with a boom? Judging from the way the entire machine works, this is indeed the case. The chassis engine is only for driving. After arriving at the construction site, the electric system is directly used to partially drive the pumping and boom hydraulic system.

For pure electric systems, the biggest problem is battery life. After all, under the existing technical conditions, the battery capacity is very limited, and Putzmeister uses an external power supply mode for this car, and it can switch between the motor and the engine power. In the electric mode, the external power interface can directly use the power supply of the construction site, without worrying about the continuous working time, and can switch the fuel mode when the power supply is insufficient. In this way, even if the fuel tank is out of fuel, the upper part is still Can continue to work.

Zero pollution and high efficiency are also the selling points of this car. The data shows that compared with the fuel model, the iONTRON concrete pump truck can achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions and reduce operating noise by 8 decibels. Even under the strict environmental protection European standard, it is easy to do. In purely electric mode, the vehicle can save 10.2 liters/hour of fuel during construction. According to the current oil price, if a concrete pump works for 4 hours a day, it can save about 300 RMB a day, and it can save nearly 100,000 RMB fuel costs a year. This is still very cost-effective for the owner of a concrete pump truck. Moreover, the maintenance cost of the electric system is also much lower, so the actual use cost will be lower.
Perhaps what many people are most worried about is whether the pumping system can reach the system pressure achieved by the engine in the pure electric mode. After all, the efficiency of pumping is also very important. According to the official data, the maximum output power of the motor of this concrete pump has reached 92Kw, the effective power of the hydraulic oil pump has reached 45Kw, the maximum pumping pressure is 62Bar, and it can transport 100m³ of concrete per hour. Compared with the traditional power mode, the performance is not weak at all, and with subsequent technical upgrades, there will definitely be greater improvements. The most important thing is that it can reduce the production of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide ,and noise, which is its advantage.

At present Putzmeister has only developed a 36-meter four-section boom model. In the future, a model with a longer boom may be developed. This is a good start. For other brands, it gives a good demonstration role. Before finding cleaner energy sources, electric energy is currently the most mature and widely used energy source for human beings. In the future, the electrification of construction machinery will also be a trend.

Finally, we summarize the 6 advantages of the Putzmeister iONTRON concrete pump truck:
1. Achieve zero-emission pumping concrete
Putzmeister iONTRON realizes zero-emission pumping on the construction site. According to the local power structure, carbon dioxide emissions will be decreased to 100% .

2. The noise is halved
Low-noise machines are necessary near residential areas. Through iONTRON, the noise level could be decreased by 50% .

3. Plug in the power and start the pump
It is very simple to work in pure electric mode. Plug directly into the site power supply(125A), and then start the pump-no additional battery is required .

4. Perfectly adapted to standard construction site usage
iONTRON’s powerful motors cover standard construction site application scenarios. In pure electric mode, its feeding speed can reach up to 100m³/hour .

5. Less weight, more operating space
The iONTRON hybrid concrete pump truck is at the leading level because its pumping drive system uses the latest solutions, which saves space and reduces weight. It is applying for a patent.

6. One-key drive.
This concrete pump truck is driven by diesel or pure electricity. During the working process, we only need one key to switch the driving energy.