Shift Cylinder Seal Kit


Item Decription Parts Number Price
Guide Ring 60×65×9.5mm 261706004 US$39.58
Wiper Ring 60×68×7mm 65344002 US$0.90
Lip Seal Ring 60×70×12mm 65345001 US$2.49
Support Ring SRI 60×5.1×1.5mm 65346000 US$1.14
Turcon-Glyd-Ring 60×75.1×6.3mm 238863006 US$31.82
Guide Ring 60×6.5×8.5mm 238859007 US$18.52
O-ring 64×7mm NBR70 238865004 US$4.43
Guide Ring 60×65mm×25mm 261707003 US$26.59

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