Ready Mixer Washout bags is made for big project and concret capture.this bags can load concrete run-off from the ready-mix chute or during concrete pumping washouts.The washout bags have PVC pipe which can stand up the sack.Without waterproof inside
Ready Mixer Washout bags Features:
  •  Loops for forklift lifting
  • High quality and tough woven polypropylene materials
  • Washout bag surfance covered with waterproof membrance
  • Concrete washout slides under the ready mix chutes and pumps
  • Accord with the environmental regulations
  • Partially-enclosed top keeps material contained during transport
  • The surrounding stitching enhances the strength and structure of the bag
  • The poly can put the project card
  • Volume capacity 1.25CBM
  • Application:
Capture concrete  mixer washout
Strong Ready Mixer Washout bags
  • Concrete Washout sack are made of strong woven polypropylene.
  • The strong struction is enough to get the concrete.
  • Holds up to 1.25 CBM of material.
  • The mouth open is designed to help prevent concrete and washout from flowing out.