Outlet Bearing Housing Assembly


Bearing Assembly  AT248433002K US$283.40
S-Valve Bearing Housing D220/270 for S2018 240620004 US$12.36
Wiper Ring 220mm x 240mm x 8mm 437267 US$12.36
O-Ring 220mm x 10mm NBR70 43520000 US$2.56
O-Ring  210mm x 8mm DIN3771 NBR70 41466001 US$1.31
Guide Band 220mm x 225mm x 24.5mm 295355007 US$10.10
Lip Seal Ring  220mm x 240mm x 15mm 247565007 US$16.34
Lip Seal Ring  70mm x 95mm x 18.7mm 15223005 US$6.09

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