One Ton Bag,Bulk Bag for Construction Site
One Ton Bags Features:
  •  Loops for forklift lifting
  • High quality and tough woven polypropylene materials
  • One ton bag can load 1-1.5 Tons
  • It can capture all kinds of material,wet or try
  • Accord with the environmental regulations
  • Partially-enclosed top keeps material contained during transport
  • The surrounding stitching enhances the strength and structure of the bag
  • The poly can put the project card
  • Volume capacity 0.89CBM
  • Application:
Capture Construction Waste
Supper strong
  • Strong struction
  • Small mouth washout bag are made of strong woven polypropylene.
Super Woven Washout Sack
  • Unique hopper design, the top part is closed to prevent overflow and splashing.
  • The square opening can directly receive waste and cleaning materials from the end of the slide and the hose.