Super Big concrete pumping washout bags can put under the concrete pump and mixer.Because the big mouth,they will capture all the concrete washout,with the plastic waterproof liner,the small mouth make it easy to protect the jobsite from spillage-even in the big project.
Concrete pumping washout bags  Features:
  •  Loops for forklift lifting
  • High quality and tough woven polypropylene materials
  • Washout bag surfance covered with waterproof membrance
  • Waterproof liner inside design prevents liquids from seeping
  • Concrete washout slides under the ready mix chutes and pumps
  • Accord with the environmental regulations
  • Partially-enclosed top keeps material contained during transport
  • The surrounding stitching enhances the strength and structure of the bag
  • The poly can put the project card
  • Volume capacity 0.85CBM
  • Application:
Capture concrete pump washout
Strong struction Concrete pumping washout bags
  • Disposibale Concrete Washout Bag are made of strong woven polypropylene.
  • The strong struction is enough to get the concrete.
Concrete Pumping Washout Bags
  • This bag cam holds lots concrete washout material
  • Easy to unfold without frame
  • Small mouth prevent the washout and water from spilling