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Concrete Pump Pipe Elbow Factory Concrete Pump Pipe Elbow Factory
Delivery Elbow 57596004 Delivery Elbow 57596004
Casting Concrete Pump Elbows Casting Concrete Pump Elbows
125 R275 90Degree Elbows 125 R275 90Degree Elbows

Concrete Pump Pipe Elbows


We offer a wide range of castings and twin wall elbows, they have good reputations in the world’s leading concrete pumpings, casting elbows use high manganese materials, it is durable and tough.
Item Price
Casting Boom Elbows
10° Boom Elbow, Single-Wall US$28.12
Putzmeister Casting Elbow (DN150), 6″ x 90° Male/6″ End US$99.89
15°Single-Wall Boom Elbow US$37.81
20° Boom Elbow, Single-Wall US$29.59
30° Boom Elbow DN125, Single-Wall US$20.47
45° Boom Elbow DN125, Single Wall US$25.89
90° Casting Elbow DN125 US$26.18
90° Short-Radius Boom Elbow, Casting US$38.26
DN150/6″, Cast Steel Reducing Elbow w/Offset US$189.77
Elbow, 45° Cast With Single Extension (DN125) US$38.22
4” Casting elbow,114mm flang,R275,90 Degree US$29.18
4” Casting elbow,114mm flang,R275,45 Degree US$21.96
Twin Wall Elbows
10° Boom Elbow Twin-Wall US$63.92
15° Boom Elbow  Twin-Wall US$89.57
15° Boom Elbow DN112  Twin-Wall US$73.98
15° Boom Elbow DN117 Twin-Wall US$116.66
20° Boom Elbow Twin-Wall US$105.19
20° Boom Elbow DN112 Twin-Wall US$78.86
20° Boom Elbow DN117  Twin-Wall US$130.18
30° Boom Elbow DN125, Chrome Carbide Lined US$103.98
30° Boom Elbow DN112 Twin-Wall US$87.67
30° Boom Elbow DN117  Twin-Wall US$139.98
45° w/Double Extension Elbow DN125 Carbide Twin Wall US$178.66
45° w/Extension Elbow DN125 Carbide Twin Wall US$147.88
45° Boom Elbow DN125, Chrome Carbide Lined US$98.13
45° Boom Elbow DN112 Twin-Wall US$96.28
45° Boom Elbow DN117  Twin-Wall US$158.72
90° Boom Elbow DN125  Twin-Wall US$121.06
90° Boom Elbow DN112  Twin-Wall US$126.52
90° Boom Elbow DN117  Twin-Wall US$159.56

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