Cleaning material sponge ball Cleaning material sponge ball

Cleaning Material


Sponge balls and sponge cylinders are available in different diameters and densities: soft, medium, and hard. Polyurethane go-devils DN125 from 75 shores hard. They guarantee a very high wear resistance and they are perfect to clean out long straight pipelines.

Sponge Ball D65 Soft  AST23734 US$3.26
Sponge Ball D80 Soft 422531 US$1.82
Sponge Ball D100 Soft AST23310 US$6.83
Sponge Ball D120 Soft 230227006 US$2.41
Sponge Ball D150 Soft 230229004 US$5.28
Sponge Ball D45 Medium 65044001 US$1.51
Sponge Ball D60 Medium 212005 US$1.33
Sponge Ball D100 Medium 295904005 US$2.22
Sponge Ball D120 Medium 16091003 US$2.77
Sponge Ball D150 Medium 18841002 US$3.84
Sponge Ball D175 Medium 26650007 US$5.41
Sponge Ball D220 Medium 65348008 US$35.04
Sponge Ball D30 Hard 239004 US$0.81
Sponge Ball D50 Hard AST23363 US$2.89
Sponge Ball D60 Hard 233494001 US$1.20
Sponge Ball D80 Hard 246000 US$1.97
Sponge Ball D120 Hard 234053001 US$3.28
Sponge Ball D150 Hard 223673007 US$5.03
Sponge Ball D175 Hard 406379 US$9.37
Sponge Octagon  D175 Medium  A555371 US$10.47
Sponge Octagon  D125 Medium A533527 US$7.75
Sponge Cylinder D140 x150 Flat 504034 US$5.77
Sponge Cylinder  D120 x 150 Dome 256126000 US$6.01
Cleanout Pig AKA GO-DEVIL D125 blue 265417001 US$58.28
Cleanout Pig AKA GO-DEVIL D125 black 253953001 US$50.86
Cleanout Pig AKA GO-DEVIL D100 black 253952002 US$37.70
Sponge Pig 150 x 180 Dome 253086004 US$7.05
Cleanout Lid  D235 295052009 US$15.04

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