Putzmeister 270321001 Proximity Switch Sensor Putzmeister 270321001 Proximity Switch Sensor

BSA 100 Parts


Proximity Switch  M12mm x 1mm 10-32VDC  Common 270321001 US$119.26
Harness Emergency Stroke
Common A052274 US$74.47
Solenoid Coil 12V NG6 Common 267378009 US$51.47
Vibrator 12VDC 3000RPM with Plug
Common 459826 US$225.97
Hopper Grate Switch 230V 4A Special  Common 452208 US$45.33
Key, Switch Complete With 2 Keys Without EGD A052722 US$13.63
Engine Gauge RPM Without EGD A052484 US$98.41
Engine Temperature Gauge  120-300F Without EGD A052939 US$67.45
Relay 12V Changeover, Black  Without EGD 65033009 US$7.07
Relay 12V Mini 111 Without EGD 66638005 US$5.22
Relay  12V Stepping Without EGD 278494008 US$31.24
Relay 12V K238  Without EGD 247108008 US$14.43
Display Deutz  Without EGD 471007 US$452.03
Display EGD With EGD 528072 US$524.63
Relay 12V 8A K97  With EGD 602154 US$48.37
Relay  12V 30/50A SPDT with Diode  With EGD  A628363 US$8.01
Relay 12V 70A SPNO with Resistor  With EGD A628364 US$9.87
Relay 12V 12A SPDT with Diode With EGD A628365 US$10.96
Wear Parts US$0.00
Delivery Cylinder  D200mm x 1400mm 240112004 US$714.36
Delivery Piston Seal  D200mm 80372004 US$50.81
Delivery Piston Guide Ring D200mm x 180mm x 40mm 80794006 US$15.45
S-Valve S2015 251341000 US$1,521.18
Thrust Ring  D200mm x 220 mounted without Spacer 252898002 US$18.99
Spectacle Wear Plate ND200/260 540 DURO22 229488005 US$244.95
Bearing Flange D60mm open with O-Ring 242572008 US$34.14
Mixer Shaft  Center D45mm x 880mm x 840mm 264020004 US$53.69
Mixer Shaft The end for Hopper RS 905/907 60mm 275587002 US$74.88
Washer D9mm x 55mm x 12mm 55916000 US$1.57
Mixer Paddle  Left hand for Hopper RS 905A 441540 US$43.24
Mixer Paddle  Right hand for Hopper RS 905A 441541 US$43.24
Rubber Buffer  For Hopper Grate 432235 US$7.31
Rubber Buffer D40mm x 30mm M8mm x 23mm 2257000 US$0.80

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