Concrete Slickline Pipe,2022 Most Consumable Concrete Pump Parts

Concrete Slickline Pipe:
Concrete pump slickline pipe also called lay down pipe.It is most consumable concrete pump parts and  the extension from pump to the actual placement area or hose That is a new type of construction machinery accessories that appeared at the same time with concrete construction machinery. Its appearance has increased the working efficiency of concrete buildings by nearly a hundredfold. Including concrete pump straight pipes and elbow pipes. Most of the material is ST52 steel, also called Q235B, which is made of seamless pipe welded flanges, and then connected by forged or casting clamps.concrete slickline pipes are divided into low pressure, high pressure and super high pressure due to different requirements of working performance. Next, we will introduce our concrete slickline pipe series products respectively.

Concrete Slickline Pipe,Low Pressure
Low pressure concrete slickline pipe, the models are DN80 (pipe outer diameter is 89mm), DN100 (pipe outer diameter is 108mm), DN125 (pipe outer diameter is 133mm or 140mm), DN150 (pipe outer diameter is 168). DN80 and DN100 are usually used for shotcrete pumps, called shotcrete pump pipes or mud pump pipes. DN125 is also the most commonly used concrete pump pipe. Generally, this model is a low-pressure pump pipe. Its outer diameter is 133mm, and the thickness of the concrete pump pipe body is 4.5-5mm. The welding adopts 25mm set flange automatic welding. Ordinary concrete slickline pipes are used for ground pump concrete transportation within standard pressure, such as low-level concrete pouring.

Concrete Slickline Pipe,High Pressure
The outer diameter of 140mm is the high-pressure or supper-high pressure pump pipe, the high-pressure wall thickness is 6mm, the supper-high pressure wall thickness is 8 or 10mm, and the flange is 175mm or 194mm flat flange and letter flange. The low-pressure concrete pump pipe adopts welded 148mm sleeve flange, which greatly improves the anti-wear life of the flange connection part. DN150 is an super-high pressure concrte pump pipe with an outer diameter of 168mm and a wall thickness of 12mm. The flanges are designed with 230 and 306 double flanges to ensure the safety of construction under the premise of the highest pressure value. High-pressure or ultra-high-pressure ground pump concrete transportation is used for high-rise concrete transportation, such as high-speed kilometers, high-speed railways, high floors, viaduct piers, bridges and other high-rise buildings. Due to the high delivery pressure, the requirements for the diameter, wall thickness and flange of the concrete slick pipe body are relatively high. Therefore, the safety of the project can be ensured by selecting the appropriate pipe body, flange and process according to the delivery pressure standard.

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Most popular concrete pump slickline pipe

Name Model Outer diameter(MM) Wall (MM) Falang Type (MM) Length  Pressure
Concrete Slickline DN125 133 4.5mm HD/SK 148mm 1m/2m/3m Low Pressure
Concrete Slickline DN125 133 5mm HD/SK 148mm 1m/2m/3m Low Pressure
Concrete Slickline DN125 140 6mm HD/SK 175mm 1m/2m/3m High Pressure
Concrete Slickline DN125 140 8mm HD/SK 194mm 1m/2m/3m High Pressure
Concrete Slickline DN125 140 10mm HD/SK 194mm 1m/2m/3m High Pressure
Concrete Slickline DN150 168 12mm HD/SK 203mm 1m/2m/3m High Pressure