4 Methods of Concrete Pump Machine Maintenance

1. Inspection of the pumping system

a. Check the size of the gap between the glasses plate and the cutting device. Normally, it is about 1-2mm. Too loose and too tight are not conducive to concrete pumping.
b. Check the wear of the piston. Once you find that there is the mortar in the water tank, replace the piston immediately. Otherwise, it will strain the concrete cylinder after a long time. I don’t need to say which is more expensive and which is cheaper! In addition, the water in the concrete tank must be kept adequate.
c. Check whether the lubricating grease in the lubricating oil tank is sufficient. Long-term but less lubrication is not good for mixing, and the large and small ends are not good, which will aggravate the wear of these parts.
d. Check whether the swing of the swing cylinder is in place.
e. Check the hydraulic oil level and replenish the hydraulic oil in time.
f. Check whether the pump pipes of the truck are severely worn and whether there is slurry leakage at the joints of the pump pipes by knocking.

2. Maintenance of concrete pump machine chassis

a. Check the oil level and oil quality of the engine oil once a week, as well as the coolant level, and add it immediately when it is not enough.
b. Before going to the construction site, develop a good habit of checking the tire pressure and tire wear.
c. Check the various electrical systems, lights, outline lights, etc. of the car.
d. Check whether the air pressure of the brake system is sufficient and whether there is any air leakage in the air circuit system.

3. Concrete pump machine structural parts

In daily work, due to the shaking of the boom, it is easy to cause fatigue or cracking in certain parts, so the inspection of these structural parts is also very important.
a. Check whether there are cracks in the bolts at the connection part of the turntable, the reducer, the connection between the turntable and the boom.
b. The joints between the boom and the boom, as well as some places with welding patterns, must be checked again.
c. Check whether the connecting pin of the boom lacks lubricating oil, and refill lubricating grease from time to time.
d. Check whether the pump tube bracket is firm

4. Other matters needing attention
a. In winter, use H32 anti-wear hydraulic oil in the north and H46 anti-wear hydraulic oil in the south.
b. Check whether the pressure of the accumulator is sufficient from time to time.
c. Before leaving the vehicle, drain the water from the bottom of the hydraulic oil tank.
d. There must be sufficient water in the cleaning water tank of the pump truck. Drain the water if it is not used for a long time. It must be waterproof every day in the winter when the north is frozen. There is also a point to clean the water in the pump